Community Care

The Community Care Team is focused on serving our Community and the Church, by providing assistance families and individuals as needs arise. Some areas in which we serve others are:


  • Transportation
  • Food / Meals
  • Tutoring
  • House Cleaning / Yard Workphoto
  • Budget Planning
  • Rent Assistance
  • Utilities Assistance
  • Provide Clothing
  • Care for those in need


It is our desire to show God’s love in our service and that through our actions we will have a positive influence upon the community. Please contact The Church at Loveland at 970-667-1442, if you need assistance.



International Care Team

The Church at Loveland not only believes in reaching out to our community,
but we also believe in supporting God's work internationally. The International Care Team takes actions locally and thinks globally to support the God’s work beyond the doors of the Church at Loveland. We want to see
God’s work expanding on a global basis.


The Cross Country Team is working with Sudan African Mission's and helping to support its Bread for Life campaign. In March 2006 we sent a small group to Nikipol, Urkaine to help teach people English using the Bible.
This mission trip was organized by Minsk Evangelism directed by Stuart Merrill. Right now, are involved in the ministries of four different missions.

International Care communicates with these groups on a regular basis. These include: Jamaican Evangelism, which is lead by Dan and Joana Smith; Sudan African Mission, run by Paul and Marilynn Douglas; Minsk Evangelism
under the leadership of Stuart and Valerie Merrill; and Nikipol Evangelism, directed by Andrew and Katie Green.


These missionaries are teaching the Bible across the world to those less fortunate then ourselves. Some are currently helping build better living conditions, completing clothing drives, and training the new Christians.

Would you like to be part of the International Care Team or be part of a mission’s trip? If you just want some information about the International Care Team, please contact:Ron or Rhonda Hansen at missions@churchatloveland.org or give us a call at 970-587-0793


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